Friday, May 20, 2011


Things that make you smile: 

Love. Knowing you're missed. Doing the right thing and being appreciated for it. Making a joke that everyone laughs at. Eating amazing food. Taking a really long bath. Watching a movie that makes your jaw drop to the floor. Reading a book that makes you speechless. No lines at an amusement park, a store, or anywhere, really. Having an amazing dream. Missing out on flu season. Finding money on the ground, or in the couches or the laundry. When a season premier or finale is just awesome. When your friends ask you what's wrong when you look down. Being able to surf the web all day without your parents nagging you. The sky, no matter rain or shine, it's always beautiful. Getting compliments. Pets. Buying new gadgets or clothes. When technology advances. When you have a really good day. When it's midnight and you're riding in a car, the cool night breeze in your face. Getting presents. Giving presents. Having good outfits. Friends, friends, friends! 

i just want to smile again...
not that fake " hey whats up" smile
i want to smile again.. and mean it..


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